Together to find the time of the beautiful!Simple tea, simple drink ── CHANA tea.一起去找寻时光的美好!简单茶,简单喝 ── 刹那茶。

A drop of water into the gas, is the death of water, but also the health of the air.
A tea leaves tea, is the death of leaves.
Leaves through the fixing and drying, and finally into the cup, is the tea of Health.
There will always be another start.
Reincarnation, birth and death, continuous, is the philosophy of life.
All things in the world, not attached to the elephant, instant impermanence, found behind the eternal.
Calm, comfortable tea.一滴水生发成气,是水之死,也是气之生。一片茶离开茶枝,是叶之死。叶经杀青干燥,最终进入茶杯,是茶之生。结束总会有另一个开始。轮回、生灭、连续,是生活的哲学。世间万物,不可执着于象,刹那无常,发现背后的永恒。平常心,自在茶